Financial Planning for Real Estate Professionals

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Financial Planning for Real Estate Professionals, Agents and Investors

As a Real Estate Agent and/or Investor you want to know you’re planning for your future in the best way possible. But there are a ton of moving parts with compensation, taxes, business structures, deductions, and cash flows. Jato Wealth specializes in financial planning for real estate professionals.

Who’s it for?

  • Full-time Real Estate Agents
  • Part-time Real Estate Agents
  • Self-employed Agents
  • Real Estate Investors (Rental Properties, Commercial Holdings, Passive Investments, etc)

Problems you may be facing

We often hear questions like these:

  • How to best save for retirement for self-employed agents
  • Budgeting and saving/investing with irregular income streams
  • Maximizing net income and minimizing taxes as a part-time agent
  • Understanding pass-through deductions with real estate investments
  • Using business entities for real estate holdings
  • Analyzing personal exposure to rental property investments

How our advisors help

Jato Wealth Advisory is a full-service financial planning and investment management firm. We specialize in helping real estate professionals with complex financial situations across multiple assets and/or business entities.

How we help real estate professionals:

  • Small Business Retirement Plans
    • Solo agent with an LLC? Minimize taxes and contribute up to $58,000 in 2021 with a Solo 401(k)
    • Other options available such as SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs, and individual plans
  • Tax Planning
    • Tax planning strategies for real estate agents, investors and self-employed individuals
    • Tax planning and cash flow management for rental properties
  • Real Estate Investments
    • Personal tax and cash flow planning for rental properties and 506(b)/(c) passive investments
  • Tools and Calculators
    • First-time homebuyer calculator for you + your clients
    • Rental property cash flow and tax tool
    • Home selling checklists
  • Aggregation of holdings for holistic management
    • Access to eMoney Financial Planning software to consolidate your holdings
  • Comprehensive Planning and Investment Management (Check out our Advisory Services page)


  • Individuals and Households: $250 / month
  • Individuals with complex situations (multiple business entities / commercial properties): $400 / month
  • Assets under management exceeding $350,000: 1% AUM

We do not have a required asset minimum. We think that financial planning should be available for everyone.

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