Jato Wealth Advisory

JATO is an acronym used in aviation, meaning “Jet-Assisted Takeoff”. It was commonly used with some of the aircrafts back in the WWII times to overcome thrust issues or assist with heavier loads, and it is still used in some military capacities today.

We think that Jato is a worthy symbol for empowerment. We also believe in the ripple effect of empowerment. By helping to educate our community and enabling our clients to pursue their passions, our goal is to advance our community. Where one is empowered, others will be also.

Austin Proctor – Investment Advisor

Austin is the founder of Jato Wealth Advisory and primary Investment Advisor. He is a Swainsboro native. In his free time he enjoys fishing, hiking, golf, tennis, traveling, and grilling.

Austin started his career working as a Business Intelligence Analyst for Mercedes-Benz USA. He then joined Manhattan Associates as a Software Consultant, where he spent just over two years leading implementations for enterprise supply chain software solutions. He’s most recently worked as a Product Owner for OneTrust. Austin also spent two years during college working in Risk Management for Oglethorpe Power Corporation, the sister company of Georgia Electric Membership Corporation (Georgia EMC).

Austin holds two Bachelor of Science degrees from Georgia Institute of Technology, in Industrial and Systems Engineering (concentration in Economic and Financial Systems) and Economics. He also earned a Certificate in Financial Planning from University of Georgia. Austin has passed Level I of Chartered Financial Analyst and is pursuing the CFA charter as well as the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ designation.